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          Witness the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

          54 Miller Street · Bargara QLD
          Witness the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
          Witness the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
          Witness the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
          Witness the Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

          Experiences the unforgettable journey of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia with ZEN Beach Retreat. Wake up at ZEN to magical sunrises and absorb the colour and energy of the shining sun rising over the sea. We set the tone of the warm, private and intimate atmosphere of ZEN Beach Retreat. Contact us at 07 4154 7757 or visit https://zenbeachretreat.com/experiences/

          About ZEN Beach Retreat:

          Launched in 2017 - ZEN Beach Retreat is the Best Kept Secret Beach Retreat in the Great Barrier Reef. We tailor programs for guests with specific focus on their own needs. As a private, exclusive boutique retreat we adjust activities to suit clients most critical priorities and outcomes. For Corporates, we fully understand the need to keep the team together as one in an environment where they can relax, be open, creative and engage in completely new and natural surroundings. Whether it be team building, releasing creativity in the team or rewarding team performance we can tailor and shape any direction for clients. For Weddings we know whats needed for a special magical day for couples, family and friends. We we engaged and married ourselves in a beachfront location in Thailand, our complete aim is to bring the same magic to ZEN for guests on their special day. ZEN is an extraordinary boutique wedding venue, than can cater for all wedding, bridal and wedding party needs. Custom building ZEN Beach Retreat for large families and groups was also critical in the planning of ZEN. Large groups of people can come to ZEN, have the complete place to themselves and enjoy the full natue of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Experiences here are numerous and untapped - at ZEN we combine the best on offer to provide a luxurious holiday and relaxation experience.

          Your Hosts:

          At the heart of ZEN is your hosted experience. We welcome each of our guests with total simplicity and authenticity. Uniqueness shines through where ZEN tailors services for you. Your welcome is customised to your needs, at ZEN we find time to connect and form true sincere relationships. Our personal touch is a personalised hosting experience delivered with discretion.

          Your Iconic UNESCO Reef, Beach & Island Journey:

          Experience Two World Heritage Listed Icons when you unlock the Best Kept Secrets on the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island in one seamless journey. Encountering pristine unspoilt coral reefs, rain forests, marine life, beaches, everything you dreamt about on your Australian journey. Two full days on the Reef, Next Day on Fraser....just perfect!

          Your Miiba Sea Turtle Journey:

          Imagine an adorable fleet of tiny sea turtles flopping their way towards sea, leaving the beachbehind them until they miraculously return, many years later, to nest at the exact site of their birth. For lovers of nature and all things cute, witnessing a sea turtle hatch or mother turtle lay eggs will be an unforgettable experience. Experience your full immersion into the mystery life of these gentle creatures....forever memories!!

          Lip-Smackingly Good Taste Journey:

          Your private chef awaits to unlock the flavours from one of Australia's biggest food bowl right in front of you pairing with extraordinary local beverage choices and the best seasonal ingredients on offer. Locally, we are truly blessed with leaders in lip-smackingly good food production and world leading specialised beverages.

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