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          Terms and Conditions

          Customer Terms and Conditions

          For those that use GeeeWizzz

          To sell and buy you will need to be a registered member of GeeeWizzz and provide your name, birth date and email address and inform us if you become aware of unauthorised use of your account with us. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the unauthorised use of your account so make sure you keep your password secure.

          You must be 18 or over to buy and sell on GeeeWizzz.

          Registered members are totally responsible for their account and GeeeWizzz will accept no responsibility whatsoever for miss use of an account, whether by a minor or an adult.

          GeeeWizzz takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss incurred by a registered member of GeeeWizzz.

          GeeeWizzz will not be responsible for any loss whatsoever in the buying and selling transactions.

          GeeeWizzz takes no responsibility for any errors on the website supplied by businesses and registered members.

          GeeeWizzz does not guarantee or endorse any product or service advertised.

          GeeeWizzz will not be liable for injury or loss suffered by registered members using the products and services of businesses/people who advertise on GeeeWizzz.

          Any fraudulent activity by businesses or registered members using GeeeWizzz will be reported to law enforcement.

          GeeeWizzz is a community website for businesses and registered members to advertise their products and services and operates in good faith. GeeeWizzz takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information supplied to GeeeWizzz by businesses that advertise products and services on GeeeWizzz.

          GeeeWizzz reserves the right to terminate an account of a registered member immediately.

          If business who advertise on GeeeWizzz fail to deliver products or services then GeeeWizzz is not responsible for any loss whatsoever.

          GeeeWizzz will try and resolve legitimate disputes between registered members of GeeeWizzz and businesses who advertise on GeeeWizzz, but takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss either to registered members of GeeeWizzz or businesses who advertise on GeeeWizzz.

          At all times GeeeWizzz will abide by the law and users of GeeeWizzz do so at their own risk.

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