Bisque Traders

Bisque Traders

Quality interiors are what make your home stand out. Similarly, clothes speak volumes about your individuality. If you are looking to buy premium homeware and fashion pieces in Australia, Bisque Traders can cater to your needs. We are an Australian family-owned business. Started by spouses, Kathy and Ralph Brauer, our main aim has been to merge the passion for homewares and travel to provide something unique to Australians. Inspired by our previous venture of smooth ceramics, our homeware also showcases a relaxed, lived-in aesthetic. Kathy and Ralph’s daughter, Hannah, has recently joined the team in order to add unique fashion pieces to our brand. All her pieces are designed exclusively in line with the Bisque aesthetic. What separates us from other providers is the fact that all our products are ethically sourced. While these are sourced internationally from Italy and India, none of the producers have spent hours working in sweatshops. We also aim to educate consumers to buy less but choose quality.

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