Hydrokleen Global

Hydrokleen Global

In 2008 HydroKleen developed Australia’s unique and innovative cleaning equipment system for removing the build-up of contamination from HVAC split system air conditioners. In 2015 we developed HydroKleen Global, to establish the HydroKleen equipment and systems across the world as a market-leading Air Conditioner Cleaning Experts. Our CEO, John Sanders has been on the HydroKleen journey from the outset (over 10 years) and is passionate about delivering a world-class HVAC cleaning equipment and systems solution to the market, whilst supporting our licensees to successfully grow their businesses. Our high-pressure equipment produces a significantly superior clean than current methods might offer, saving on water use, without damaging componentry for a time efficient and extremely cost effective, hygienic clean.

Finally, we developed a cleaning agent which would not affect the components of the HVAC systems in any way. After developing and testing many different cleaning agents, we found on a product which complies with health standards and the cleaning needs required to ensure that we have a totally clean HVAC system. Our specialised systems have resulted in unprecedented enquiries from around the world including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, South Africa, Port of Spain, France, Brazil, Cyprus, Turkey, Quebec plus many more.

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