Sydney Firewood

Sydney Firewood

For over 35 years, we’ve proudly supplied the finest quality, legally sourced firewood to Sydney and every corner of NSW. We believe in the ethical collection of firewood for our clients because we understand that our environment is vital for all of us.

No two trees are alike, and no two types of firewood are either. Therefore, we offer a mix of eucalypts and other hardwoods to provide you with well-seasoned firewood with low moisture content that will easily burn and provide impressive heat in your fireplace, log burner, wood stove or campfire.

We can proudly proclaim that we’re the only firewood seller in the Sydney and NSW area that offer the ability to order your firewood directly on our website! Shipping fees vary by location. We understand that our clients want convenience, friendly service, and top quality firewood. And that is precisely what we offer.

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