Arnowa Pty Ltd

Arnowa Pty Ltd

Arnowa is an innovative technology company excelling in designing, manufacturing, and implementing integrated end to end smart solutions. Arnowa’s technology ecosystems integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, wirelessly connecting the unconnected. Our Multi-Protocol Edge Computing Device offers unparalleled flexibility for various applications. Our ecosystem combines the power of IoT, Big-Data, and Artificial Intelligence with Real Intelligence to provide cutting-edge end-to-end solutions. Arnowa’s ecosystems are supported by our highly customisable ‘Carbon’ platform through which our users visualise, control, and analyse their data in real-time. It leverages previously undiscovered data and applies real-time diagnostic and predictive analytics. Users can be benefitted from predictive maintenance triggered by automated alerts and reports, preventing process downtime. Arnowa’s technology ecosystems enable informed planning and management solutions to provide true value for our clients, regardless of industry and size.

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