Smart Sparky

Smart Sparky

Smart Sparky provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to the way electrical contractors purchase their LED lighting. Their dedicated team of sales managers strive to build long lasting partnerships with customers. Together, they focus on being a quality supplier of top-notch lighting solutions that give businesses an edge.

The Smart Sparky online store offers various LED lighting products such as downlights, track lights, panels and frames, strip light and extrusion, marine/pool lights, emergency lighting, and sensors. They also provide battens, commercial lighting, oysters, step lights, smoke alarms, hi-bays, and many others. Their range of LED lighting products and accessories are wide indeed.

All products available at Smart Sparky are covered by a 5 year warranty. Their online store is available 24/7, and enables customers to get their products directly from the manufacturer. They also provide quick and efficient deliveries directly to their customers doorsteps.

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