Sunburn Solar

Sunburn Solar

Sunburn Solar is a fully owned and operated Australian company for solar power systems in Melbourne. We are a highly reputable and authorised solar company serving solar panels Victoria. Our licensed technicians and installers are well trained and polite to serve the best services to the clients. Our staff is technically qualified to understand the requirements carefully that provide accurate and honest review to the clients as per needs. We keep you, the customer at the center and offer highest quality work with the best quality products during solar panel installation. With a dedicated team of professionals, we are offseite We are committed to providing a high quality residential solar panel and commercial solar panel that reduces your energy bills.

1. Residential Solar Panels
Our residential solar panels in Melbourne can help to control energy bills that add value to your home. It is the most effective solution that generates clean and renewable energy. Our team will understand your requirements and design a solar system especially to suit your needs. We have done extensive research and development, Sunburn solar provides high quality and the most efficient residential solar panels to offer.

2. Commercial Solar Panels
Sunburn Solar is a leading company in providing commercial solar panels in Melbourne Victoria that reduces long-term business operational costs. Commercial solar systems help private businesses, government offices, corporate companies and industries to produce clean and environment friendly energy that save electricity costs as well. Providing quality products and trusted commercial solar installation services to the customer is the top priority.

3. Solar Battery Storage Systems
Solar battery storage systems are used to utilize the electricity produced during the daytime and save for usage during the night. We provide high quality lithium-ion batteries to get more energy storage in less space.

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